Last week I came to you to talk about traditions and priorities and how they create financial freedom, so let’s talk more about those priorities.

How do we decide what’s a priority and if it should be a priority at all?

We decide how we want to feel in life & what we value and then we assess every decision and say yes if it creates the feelings we want and is in line with our values. If not, we say no. This is the very beginning of your newly fulfilled and free life.

Step 1: Know Your Core Desired Feelings
I love Danielle LaPorte’s book, The Desire Map. She reflects on how traditional goal-setting can leave you feeling empty when not aligned with your feelings.

If you think about a goal you want to achieve like saving for a home or saving for retirement, what is the underlying feeling you want? Happiness? Community? Family? Peace of Mind? Freedom? Well, you aren’t chasing the goal – you are chasing the feeling! We spend our lives chasing after things – we accomplish them – and then we feel empty. We are burnout out, resentful, and disappointed. What if instead we thought about how we want to feel in our lives? We’d get clear on our intentions and make choices based on creating those feelings in all areas. We’d change how we planned our day, our year, our career, and our entire lives. How do you want to feel today? How do you want to feel at work? How do you want to feel in your body? How do you want to feel in your relationships? With family? With friends? How do you want to feel at your core? Your soul? Your spirituality? When you have this clarity on how you want to feel you can make decisions more easily. Why? Because you know what is a HELL YEAH and what is a NO. Maybe the world no doesn’t form in your mind, but that crawl under the covers feeling does! If you say yes when you want no, you will feel it and change directions back to your true path. Create an Action Statement with Your Core Desired Feelings What I’m doing to feel that way: What do I need to stop doing: For example, say your CDFs (core desired feelings) are whimsy, ease, and adventure. This might be your action statement: I desire… an adventurous life of whimsy where i can live every day at ease. Another example. If your CDFs are connection, radiant, joy, and seen, this might be your action statement: I desire…joyful connection with those around me and to feel that my radiance is seen by the world. What tunes are revving up your core desired feelings these days?

Step 2: Choose Your Core Values
Now you have your core desired feelings, you need to align those with your core values. Never the reverse! When you want to know how you feel, you can correctly identify what it is you value. Then decide, how you can honor these values while creating the feelings you want. Select your values: Family? Valued relationships? Freedom? Working from home? Working less? Faith? Spirituality? Adventure? Play? These will help you put your CDFs into words and evaluate each opportunity you’re given.

Step 3: Put a Stop to Draining
Let’s get real. What’s draining you? What or who are you directing time and attention to that is draining you? Leaving you not feeling as you identified in step 1? This isn’t serving you. When you clear out the negative energy, you make room for the good stuff. Take the first step to remove this clutter from your life and make room for what you want to come in and fill your life. It’s time to re-evaluate or reprioritize the above based on your core desired feelings and thoughts.

Feel fulfilled instead of depleted! #Freedom!

I am here to support you!


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