This month we have talked about Being the Boss of Your Money and creating a financial vision and plan.

But, why do you want to Be the Boss of Your Money?
What happens when you are the boss of your money?

For me that answer is joy!

I want to tell you about a day recently where I felt this in a beautiful way!

We had a snow day so my daughter didn’t have school (the time when I get the most work done), so I woke up a little early and let her sleep in so I could take care of the most important things. Then, when she was awake I enjoyed my time with her. Later in the day, when she went to her sports practice, I used these few hours to do a bit more work.

Later, while she was taking her bath (she is 13 no safety issues here…. ! ) I had George Winston’s December playing, a hot mug of tea and I was on messenger chatting with a girlfriend overseas. Again, I was present in the moment.

Overall, during this day, when I used my time for work I was fully present in that activity and when I spent time with my daughter I was fully present with her.

I felt joy in these moments! Joy is not in the big things; it is in these tiny moments. When I feel joy, I try to slow down and invite it to stay for a while so I can feel it, embrace it, and appreciate it.

But my life wasn’t always like this.

Before I became the boss of my money I was on a financial diet full of restrictions and strict rules. As soon as I saw results, I would start to feel deprived and then I would sabotage myself. Overall, this plan was just not sustainable for me!

In order to stick with any change for a lifetime, the change needs to be integrated into our life in a way that is sustainable. That is why you need to define success and implement strategies that work for your life.

I don’t know if you can have it all but you can determine what is important and create that in your life.

What is Joy for me?
For me joy is in freedom. It is in being able to feel like I can have time with my family and time to pursue work with my clients that is fulfilling and really energizes me.

I had to know what I truly wanted to create. I had to dive deep into my soul and listen to her desires. Then I had to create my financial vision based on these desires. I then had to acknowledge where my life was at that time compared to the vision I had of my life. Naturally, there was a gap between the responsibilities I had for my current life compared to what I wanted in my desired life. This gap is where my goals fit in. My goals are the steps I need to take to close this gap and move me into Living My Financial Dreams!

This is a process and it doesn’t happen overnight. It happens after years of consistently following these steps and staying in touch with your desires. It happens after consistently making decisions that create change and a shift in your financial life.

How can you get started? Take time and listen to what your soul is telling you it wants in life. Acknowledge what you need to change in your life to realize this. What do you need to say No to? What do you need to say Yes to?

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