I think we all realize that there isn’t a secret pill that will change our finances overnight, but there are some steps we can take to improve our financial relationship. One such step is to shift from expectation energy to anticipation energy.

Anticipation energy is a feeling of excitement, like a child wondering what is inside the present you just handed them. The energy of anticipation understands and respects the timing and allows things to unfold naturally. This energy is full of trust and hope.

Expectation energy is based on our past experiences and beliefs and feels demanding and suffocating. Much like the Abominable Snowman from the Looney Tunes Cartoons, you remember him, right? In one episode, the Abominable Snow Man picks up Daffy Duck and squeezes him too tight saying, “I will name him George and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him … and pet him … and love him and caress him…” This is what the control of expectation energy feels like. Since the expectation energy keeps us trapped in the past it doesn’t allow us to imagine anything better can ever happen.

This past October, I witnessed the power of the anticipation energy. As I do every month, I sat down and ran the numbers of what I projected I would earn in the next few months and what those expenses were.

I realized that in November and December there was more month than money….and Christmas was coming!

When I realized there wouldn’t be enough money to meet all my obligations, of course, my first thought was, “what am I going to do?” It was painful to see in black and white that there just wouldn’t be enough to get by not to mention the burning disappointment of what it would mean to not be able to give my daughter Christmas like I wanted.

As I sat there with the numbers, I added up how much I was short in each month and what I needed for Christmas and then asked myself, “what would it take to make an extra $10,000 this month?”

I set an intention to manifest the extra $10,000 which would not only pay all my bills, but also give me enough to enjoy the holiday season. Unfortunately, as usual, I got swept away in the busyness of the month. Suddenly, I woke up in the last week of November facing a pile of December bills and a depleted bank account yet I hadn’t taken any action to manifest the money.

I asked myself, “what are the opportunities?”

I knew the money that I needed could come from many different avenues if I was open to them and had faith in myself.

While the energy of anticipation is full of excitement it does require action to co-create. I didn’t sit back idly and hope the Universe would send me the money I desired. Instead, I showed up in my business as a CEO making decisions that would improve cash flow without demanding that any one action deliver the results I desired. Showing up consistently in my business in anticipation energy ensures opportunities show up naturally and are ready to be picked when ripe.

I had a few emails inquiring about services. I tackled those first which resulted in some new clients.

Looking over my to do list, I saw some projects that were done and needed to be invoiced and delivered. I put the finishing touches on the and sent the invoices out.

Sending out those projects jogged my memory of a project I had delivered that wasn’t paid for. I dug into my accounts receivable and sent follow up messages to collect on outstanding invoices.

I kept exploring and one opportunity led to another. I celebrated each one which built excitement. I was in the flow and it was coming together easily. This took place over two business days and when I tallied up the numbers I realized I had actually manifested $14k, which was beyond what I had asked for.

I celebrated and boldly declared, Money is MY SUPER POWER !

Money isn’t my super power because I never worry or feel financial stress, but because I understand its energy and how to attract it and manifest it for what I need and desire.

If you want to make money your super power, you need to identify that feeling of anticipation energy which is full of trust that it is all happening for you.

How can you do that?

Ask yourself these two questions:

Where in your life are you in total trust and things happen easily for you?

Where in life are you exerting control and forcing things to happen?

When you can recognize where you are in the flow and things happen easily, notice how you feel in that area of your life. Can you feel that excitement and opportunity? Why are you in total trust in this area of your life? Once you identify where and really understand that feeling you can transfer it to money.

Share with me in the Facebook group: What action can you take to invite more opportunities into your life? I can’t wait to hear what you come up with!



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