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Rich In Joy!


If we work towards goals that are steps to someone else’s definition of financial success, we may end up creating a life that looks financially impressive from the outside, but feels cold, empty, and unhappy on the inside. This is the epitome of being rich and miserable! However, I believe we can be both rich […] Read more…

The Happy Journal; An Experiment in Joy


At the time I created my Happy Journal, I was knee deep in transforming my finances. There were days I felt overwhelmed. There were days I felt like I was failing. There were days that I felt like I could never overcome all the challenges in front of me. I was worried about allowing all […] Read more…

Transformation is a Process


Many of us tend to use the word process casually, such as “change is a process.” With this statement, we understand that the change requires steps but, we also view it as a mystery and find ourselves guessing our way through the “process.” This was the case in my own financial transformation. I didn’t have […] Read more…

Emerge as a Beautiful Butterfly!


You learned your values and vision as a caterpillar and implemented new habits and systems in your cocoon and finally, it is time for the beautiful and graceful Butterfly to emerge and take flight and share its beauty with the world. It takes courage to break free from the cocoon of old beliefs and ways […] Read more…