The Cookie Budget!


Having a financial plan doesn’t mean giving up all the things you love!  It is about making choices of what is important to you!   In prior posts, I have shared with you how I re-created my life around what is important to me, what I value, and how I want to feel.  For me […] Read more…

Failure or Opportunity?


I was driving to work one today and had an epiphany. I admit it was a little more like deja-vu as this wasn’t the first time I had this exact realization, but it still was an aha moment for me. The epiphany I am referring to is that events I filed under failure have really […] Read more…

The 4-Steps I Used to Create the Life of My Dreams


I want to talk to you today about how to live your life intentionally and in alignment with your values. Because when you are intentionally creating a life that’s in alignment with your values, you are creating the life of YOUR dreams. Sounds nice, right? By knowing how you want to feel and what you […] Read more…