Holidays Are For Joy, Peace And Love!


It’s November, and for many of us, this is the start of an exciting holiday season! My favorite part of the holiday season is how it’s filled with happy memories with friends and family, lots of celebrations full of delicious seasonal foods, and frequently, an extra helping of stress. But, for me, a successful holiday […] Read more…

The Cookie Budget!


Having a financial plan doesn’t mean giving up all the things you love!  It is about making choices of what is important to you!   In prior posts, I have shared with you how I re-created my life around what is important to me, what I value, and how I want to feel.  For me […] Read more…

3 Steps to Financial Fulfillment and Freedom

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We decide how we want to feel in life & what we value. This is the very beginning of how you create your newly fulfilled and free life. It’s time to re-evaluate or reprioritize the above based on your core desired feelings and thoughts. Feel fulfilled instead of depleted! Read more…