Hi there! Katie here, and I’m really excited to connect with you.

I’m a spiritual entrepreneur, CPA, and author running 3 high six figure businesses.

This doesn’t mean I live in constant stress, nor am I a workaholic.

I enjoy my summers with my family in my vacation home on the lake.  When I am not at the lake, I make sure to take a long weekend vacation every single month.  Time to rest, relax, and reconnect in beautiful places with my friends and family are a priority for me because they are the fuel for my creativity.

And guess what, I’m unapologetic about how great life can be, because you’ve got to say it to claim it.

Money is my superpower and I know it can be yours too.

When studying accounting I didn’t learn much about crystals, oracle cards, chakras, or energy, but maybe if I had I would have saved myself from a decades long tug of war over control.  The day I surrendered was the day I learned magic is way more fun.

I share this with you because I know this can be yours and I want you to be open to the possibilities you can create in claim it for your life.

However, I would be misleading you to paint a picture of only rainbows and unicorns.  I want you to know that I have been on the winning and the losing side of money.

– I have paid cash for a home and lost a home in foreclosure.

– I have been debt free with a year of emergency savings and I have been bankrupt and not had enough cash to put gas in my car and groceries on my table.

– I have struggled in business and had a thriving business.

– I have driven my dream car and been laughed off the lot unable to get approved for a loan.

– I have maxed out my 401k and cashed out my 401k.

But, none of these define me.

I am a beautiful, intelligent, and sassy woman.

When I realized I could actually grow more through love, than pain and struggle. I let go of the fear, and shame, and blame I had in my relationship with money.  Now, without that emotional baggage, I find myself appreciating all the goodness money brings into my life.

Many women don’t realize how powerful they are.

It’s my mission to change that.

I believe we all can create the life we desire.

Many of us were trained to settle and accept whatever we are given and now we don’t even know what we desire.  Don’t worry, that’s ok, we can figure it out together.

It’s time to stop settling and ask for what you really want.  Don’t worry about how it will happen, I will guide you through that part.  For now, all you need is to be open to the magic of money!

With love,