Have you heard the saying that the Universe will meet you where you are?

I have heard it but just last week I learned exactly what that can mean in terms of manifesting money!

It started with a quick trip to support a client. My client took care of all my travel expenses, booking my flight and making sure my hotel room was booked. After the long work day and then travel, I went straight from the airport to a business dinner.

It was late when I finally got checked into my room and I was excited to find a gift basket of chocolates and aromatherapy products. It seems all my best ideas always come to me when I take a bath and this evening was no different As I soaked in my aromatherapy bubbles, I reflected on how stiff I was from the cramped flight.

Let me tell you about this flight….
I was in the window seat, and the middle seat passenger was oozing over into my space. I was so crammed my shoulder was up against the cold window. Mid flight I wanted to eat the sandwich I picked up but couldn’t contort myself in a way to even reach the bag I stowed beneath the seat. I gave up on eating and decided to charge my phone and watch an inflight movie and had to fumble around with my hand to try find the outlet since I didn’t have any space to move or bend over.

As I rubbed the knots out of shoulder, I decided there was no way I was flying home the same way. I was definitely going to opt for the upgrade to the seat in the emergency exit row with the extra leg room!

I was being paid for this trip and my comfort was worth it!

The next day, I received the notification to check in for my flight and the airline was offering me a an upgrade to FIRST CLASS for $50. Without hesitation I paid for the upgrade and reserved my seat!

An hour later, I checked my inbox and there was an email from a prospective client who said, “not sure how I missed you email from last week, but here is my payment in full for 3 months of coaching.”

Shortly thereafter, my assistant texted me to let me know that a check on a super delinquent invoice arrived at the office for me.

As the day drew to a close I had a final dinner meeting with my client and closed a deal worth nearly $50k in services.

The dinner meeting ran a bit long and I was running late for my flight, but there wasn’t a single person in the security line and I flew through. I looked up at the signage to find my gate and a nice woman with a golf cart said “Hey Sweetie, I’m tired of sitting here hop in and keep me company and I will give you a ride to your gate!”

This 24 hours reminded me that the moment I decided I was worth it and showed up for myself the Universe show up there too! I feel like the Universe was saying “It is about time! Now, let’s make some magic!”

Where are you showing the Universe you are worth it?

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