I know I don’t want to wait until I am 65 years old to start living my life and I didn’t think I should have to either!

For me, I grew up believing that financial success meant you went to college, got a job, worked until you were 65, maxed out your retirement contributions, bought a home and paid off the mortgage, had no debt and paid for your kids to go to college.

This formula worked for a while until it didn’t work anymore. That day came as I contemplated the financially responsible decision to buy a home.

The homes in the city where I live sell for nearly $1M. Having to save $200k as a down payment and still have a monthly payment of nearly $6k felt like a huge burden compared to my low monthly rent. I realized this fiscally responsible decision didn’t feel aligned with the life I wanted to live. Instead, owning a home felt like I would have to give up everything I wanted to do with my life for a secure retirement.

Have you ever experienced this feeling?

I began questioning what I wanted and realized I wanted freedom above all else. Freedom to pursue projects I truly enjoyed in my career. Freedom with my time to work more or less as I chose. Freedom to pursue personal interests such as travel and time with my family.

I immediately set out to figure out how I could have BOTH: meaningful life today AND a secure retirement.

Ultimately this led me to redefine financial success on my own terms.
Now I define financial success as:
Having a financially successful career with freedom of location and schedule.
Investments that I understand and provide a stream of income and appreciate over time, such as my business and real estate.

Is your definition of financial success aligned with the desires you have for your life?

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