How I daydreamed my way to my vacation home….and you can too!

Growing up paper dolls, dollhouse, and barbies were my favorite toys to play with because I was able to live out all of my fantasies and dreams. If I didn’t like how the story line went, I could just edit the scene and play some more. I never got tired of imagining all she could create from countless careers to living in fantastic cities. Sometimes Barbie was rich and famous. Sometimes, she was a stay at home mom. Other times, she was a young single woman going out with her friends and working as a supermodel.

I am not sure when it happened, but somewhere between the lazy afternoons as a child in my basement and my early twenties, I forgot how powerful my imagination was. I stopped fantasizing and allowed my logical brain to take over the responsibility of planning my life.

My logical brain is very organized and efficient. She created spreadsheets mapping out the next 65 years of my life! I knew all the milestones and when I needed to get promotions and raises to make the next step of the plan, like buying a home, happen.

Thankfully, one day I remembered the fun of daydreaming and made a vision board. One of the daydreams on my vision board was a lakefront home. I dreamed of having a house right on the water with a big yard and dock where I would spend lazy summer afternoons sipping lemonade on the dock while my daughter splashed in the water or have a glass of cold white wine with my husband while we watched the sunset over the lake.

But this dream wasn’t in my budget and I had no idea how I could make it happen.

Every time my logical brain asked HOW I would make this happen I would remind myself HOW is not my question. The Universe takes care of the how once I take care of the what. I was clear on my desires and intention and I lived each day like it was going to happen at any time.

After about two years, we saw a place with a huge yard and an amazing view of the water. It had been sitting on the market for nearly a year, but we had never seen it in the online listings or the brochures. After two months of negotiations we finally had a deal on the house for $100,000 less than her original listing price and I spent my entire summer on the water.

One can never say how long it will take to turn a dream into reality, but when we allow ourselves to dream crazy big dreams where we can see ourselves living them and feel the experience we can hold that intention and allow the Universe to line things up to make it happen for us.

When you are clear on your vision and intention, you can see the pieces fall into place and KNOW when the opportunity is ready for us to show up and take action.

What did you dream about as a Kid?

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